Back in 2017 our co founder Kip Fulks, the driving force behind UA Hunt, was looking to our group for the future of where the industry could go. Working with local filmmaker Chris Sakr and special effect team VFX, we created a story around how wild game and in particular elk were moving farther into the backcountry, displaced by human sprawl. We took inspiration from nature in the form of octopus and their ability to control chromatophores for camouflage, or a cougars ability to retract its claws and how that could relate to lugs on boots. Because military technology ultimately makes its way into consumer goods, we looked at what  their optics, targeting and GPS systems to see what would improve a hunters chances of being successful on this increasingly harder to find game. WE also thought about apparel and temperature moderation/control through active fabrics. This video reset the way UA thinks about footwear, apparel and accessories in this space and drove an entirely new innovation agenda. Again, the power of storytelling. Click the link below to view the video and turn the volume up! Enjoy.