UA Trail 50 Collection

The Trail 50 shoes that are being worn by our athletes in the UA MTN Trail Series were originally designed as part of a larger collection. This was my take on an apparel and accessory line that was all intended to mate together using the SYNC matrix of either PU ink or injected TPU matrixes to link gloves to arm warmers, socks to shoes, hoods to jackets and really shoe a holistic approach to problem solving for trail needs. Due the jarring nature of trail running, especially over longer distances we wanted garments that stayed in place and complemented each other functionally. For instance, Trail 50 shoes originally used Dyneema woven socks that mated to a compression leg sleeve instead of conventional socks. The apparel used a tiering strategy of most water resistant at top grading down to more breathable materials at the bottom and sides. Hybridized jacket had removable stretch hoodie and run shorts had built in compression liners that extended down to above the knee.